Norsok Standard M501 Vers. 5 - System 1

Metalsystem Norsok Standard M501 Vers. 5 - System 1 - Metalsystem Srl
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A.1 Coating system no. 1

Application (if not specified under others) Surface preparation Coating system Minimum DFT μm
Carbon steel with maximum operating temperature < 120 °C Cleanliness: 1 coat zinc rich primer: 60
·  Structural steel  ISO 8501-1 Sa 2½ Minimum number of coats: 3  
·  Exteriors of equipment, vessels, piping and valves (not insulated)  Roughness: ISO 8503 – Grade Medium G (50 μm to 85 μm, Ry5) Minimum DFT of complete coating system: 280
NOTE 1 If the second coat is not applied immediately after a zinc rich primer has cured, or if the primer is exposed to humid or outdoor conditions prior to application of the second coat, a tie-coat/sealer shall be applied on top of the primer immediately after the primer has cured to prevent oxidation of the zinc. This tie-coat/sealer shall either be of a thickness below 50 μm or prequalified as a part of the coating system.
NOTE 2 When this coating system is used for accessible deck areas, a non-skid aggregate shall be added to the second last coat. Prior to applying the coating where the non-skid aggregates are added, the primer and the succeeding coat(s) shall be applied to a minimum DFT of 175 μm and fully cured.
NOTE 3 Chalking rating 1 (see Table 1) or better should be preferred for externally exposed surfaces.
NOTE 4 For the splash zone area, the coating system shall also fulfill the pre-qualification requirements for coating system no. 7
NOTE 5 Zinc rich primer shall be in accordance with ISO 12944-5.
NOTE 6 Specialized coating systems with at least two coats and without zinc rich primers, may be selected for particularly exposed areas on installations provided the coating system is pre-qualified in accordance with 10.1, the coating thickness is ≥ 1000 mm DFT and provided relevant successful field experience is documented.