Norsok Standard M501 Vers. 5 - System 2B

Metalsystem Srl - Norsok Standard M501 Vers. 5 - System 2B
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A.2 Coating system no. 2

Application (if not specified under others) Surface preparation Coating system Minimum DFT μm
Coating system no. 2A shall be used for all carbon steel surfaces exposed to operating temperature > 120 °C.   System no. 2A:  
Coating system no. 2A or system no. 2B shall be used for the below carbon steel objects: Cleanliness: Thermally sprayed aluminium or alloys of aluminium. 200
All insulated surfaces of tanks, vessels, piping. ISO 8501-1 Sa 2½ Sealer: For sealer, see NOTE 1.
Flare booms and crane booms. Roughness: ISO 8503 – Grade Medium G (50 μm to 85 μm, Ry5) System no. 2B:  
Underside of bottom deck included piping, jacket above splash zone lifeboat stations are optional areas (to be decided in each project).   Thermally sprayed zinc or alloys of zinc: 100
    Tie coat: For tie coat, see NOTE 2.
     Intermediate coat:  125
     Topcoat:  75
NOTE 1 The following is applicable to coating system no. 2A only: All metallized surfaces shall be sealed in accordance with the following requirements: The sealer shall fill the metal pores. It shall be applied until absorption is complete. There should not be a measurable overlay of sealer on the metallic coating after application. The materials for sealing the metal coating shall be two-component epoxy for operating temperatures below 120 °C and aluminium silicone above 120 °C.
NOTE 2 The following is applicable to coating system no. 2B only: The intermediate coat and the topcoat shall have been pre-qualified as coating system no. 1. The pre-qualification may have been carried out at different film thicknesses. A tie coat shall normally be used unless demonstrated not to be beneficial to the overall performance. The tie-coat shall be in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendation.
NOTE 3 For items that will be welded after coating, 5 cm to 10 cm measured from the bevel area shall be left uncoated and 30 cm to 40 cm measured from the bevel area shall be left without coating on top of the metal coating.
NOTE 4 For insulated piping and equipment operating at < 120 °C, coating system no. 9 may be selected.
NOTE 5 The part of pipes that penetrates an insulated pipe penetration shall be coated according to coating requirements for insulated pipes. The coated area shall include the pipe-penetration and 0,5 m on each side.
NOTE 6 When perforated guards are used for personnel protection (NORSOK R-004 Insulation class 3 with T < 150 °C), coating system to be selected as for un-insulated pipes and vessels.